Practical and Enjoyable Japanese Lessons! 

Video Series 

Successful Japanese Online Date Manual


6 episodes - From the 17th May - the 27th June 2020

Episode 1
- Introducing Yourself

Let's learn Japanese conversational skills through a series of videos! Over 6 weeks, we will introduce practical expressions to introduce yourself to your new friend(s) and get to know each other in Japanese! Follow our channel on YouTube! 

- Asking someone out
- Ordering at a restaurant
- Asking/describing preferences & hobbies

What's New!

"I thought it would be too difficult but Asami-Sensei helped so much to make it easy, fun and enjoyable. I can't believe how much I learned!"

Alix - London

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- Describing your favourite films
- Saying farewell

Asami's Online Japanese+Korean Afternoon Tea Club  Event!

Date: 20/06/20 (Sat) 2pm-4:30pm (GMT+0)

The 5th online event by ALS! This time, we'll collaborate with a high-quality Korean tea house be-oom! The guests"ll learn how to make Korean tea, Kasutera & Ichigo-daifuku (vegan), practice Japanese in lessons & get to know the culture in a quiz competition. Up to 20 places. Reservation closes on 15/06/20 (Mon)

Tickets at:

Sold out!


2. Business Japanese

5. Japanese marketing consultation

Successful Past Grant Applications

"Japanese for Research" course for Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London was opened with a grant from Japan Foundation London 

 November 2018 

This is a special course to prepare BSc medical students at Imperial for those who will visit TMDU (Tokyo Medical and Dental University) to conduct medical research in 2019. It is expected to cover from basic language system, functional language and research related contexts. We fully assisted the College obtain a grant to fund the course from the Japan Foundation London.

A grant for Japanese GCSE Course for 2018/19 academic year was awarded to Highbury Fields School for Girls by Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
November 2018    
A Japanese course was originally opened at Highbury Fields School in December 2015 with a grant from Japan Foundation London. The course has been very well-accepted among diligent learners at the school since then. This time, we obtained a grant for the academic year of 2018/19 from Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation to continue the language course. Some of the students are studying to take an official exam in 2020.
A full grant for Japanese GCSE Course for 2017/18 academic year for Haverstock School from the Japan Foundation London 
A full grant for Japanese CCSE Course for 2017/18 academic year at Highbury Fields School from the Japan Foundation London  
A full grant for Japanese Extra-Curricular Japanese  Course for 2016/17 academic year at Highbury Fields School from the Japan Foundation London
A full grant for Extra-Curricular Japanese Course for 2016/17 academic year at Haverstock School from the Japan Foudnation London
A full grant for both Japanese GCSE Course and Extra-Curricular Japanese Course for 2016/17 at Whitefield School from the Japan Foundation
A grant for Japanese Extra-Curricular Course at Whitefield School from the Japan Foundation London

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