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A variety of courses of different levels are available for your specific needs and objectives. We will design special syllabuses and supplementary materials according to your specific needs. For more information, please contact us.

This course is intended to teach a balance of the various fundamental skills of the language - speaking, listening, writing, reading and sentence composition practices. The syllabus follows the Minna no Nihongo series and Manabou Nihongo series. 


 Levels               Course book 

1.Beginner         (Minna no Nihongo I)


                        (Minna no Nihongo II)

3.Intermediate   (Minna no Nihongo III)


                        (Minna no Nihongo IV)


           (Manabou Nihongo Chujoukyuu)


                (Manabou Nihongo Joukyuu)

Survival Japanese
JLPT Preparation

These lessons are suitable for those who are travelling or moving to Japan for work and other reasons fairly shortly (3 months or under.)


On the course, from greetings, useful phrases and other general language skills to more specific knowledge related to your trip or business can be covered. For more specific information, please contact us.



Any levels including the absolute beginner.

Intensive preparation course for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).



Available for all levels (N5 - N1).


  • 4weeks    (4-16hours)

  • 8weeks    (8-32hours)

  • 12weeks  (12-48hours)


Course plan will be decided after a level check test.

Academic Japanese

This course is intended for students who are specialising in Japan-related studies at university. We will follow the book that is used on your university course and/or recommend materials that would best suit them considering your purpose and situation.

The service may include exam preparation, proofreading of paperwork or general revision, according to your needs.

The course is designed for both those who are independently studying towards an official qualification as well as those who are on a GCSE/A-level course at school/college to support their study to achieve higher marks.