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Asami's Japanese Meet up in London

One of ALS's aims is to build a community of Japanese learners and Japanese people in London. We regularly organise a Japanese/English language and culture exchange meet up event in London. 

The events are not only aimed for socialising but also for learning and practicing the languages in a friendly environment. Guests can learn about the language and culture through enjoyable and educational activities such as a match-making gamequiz competition, calligraphy session and table games. It is designed that everyone equally has an opportunity to participate, practice and get to know others. There is also a themed conversation room that are divided according to each learner's level - those who have not learnt the languages before also are most welcome to our event. We have handouts with which you can learn the language in advance to the conversation session.  

Japanese Supper Club (Summer '19)
Date/place TBC
Event updates will be made on Asami's Japanese Meetup London
Past Events
Japanese Supper Club (Sumiyaki Special!)
20/05/19 6:45-10:30pm
At Smoke & Salt
Japanese Whisky Tasting, Washoku Beef Pairing
23/05/19 3-5:30pm
At Bistro Mirey
Japanese Supper Club (Winter '18)
23/11/18 7-10:30pm
At Bistro Mirey
Japanese Supper Club (Autumn '18)
17/09/18 6:45-10:30pm
At Bistro Mirey
Japanese Supper Club (Summer '18)
11/06/18 6:45-10:30pm
At Bistro Mirey

Asami's Japanese Flower-viewing/White Day (Japanese Valentine's Day) Ball

14/03/18 (Wed) 7pm-10:30pm

At Blighty UK Cafe

Asami's Japanese New Year Ball
17/01/18 (Wed) 7pm - 10:30pm
At Blighty UK Cafe
Asami's X'mas Japanese Ball '17
22/11/17 (Wed) 7pm - 22:30pm
At Blighty UK Cafe
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