Japanese Language Lessons

1. Face-to-face Lessons - We are currently not conducting face-to-face lessons.

  • 1 person:   £70 per hour

  • 2 people:   £85 per hour

  • Group lessons (3 people+):     From £100 per hour​​​​​​ (From 4 learners or above, £13 is added for per person)

Travel expense may apply depending on the location of the lessons. A student discount is available for full-time students. For more information, please contact us.

2. Online Lessons (via Zoom)

  • 1 person:   £60 per hour 

  • 2 people:  £75 per hour

  • Group lessons (3 people+):     From £90 per hour​​​​​​


Bulk booking discount applies. For more information please contact us.

Japanese lessons policy statement can be viewed from here.


1. English to Japanese:    *from £0.2 per English word

2. Japanese to English:    *from £0.15 per Japanese character

*The rate will depend on the type of the text to be translated. 

The minimum charge for each type of text will be: 

Business card:          £10 

E-mail (per e-mail):   £20

B5 Sheet:                 £60

A4 Sheet:                 £90

Website (per site):    £130

Marketing brochure (A4 four-sided):     £150


For a quote, or to enquire about any other types of document, please contact us.


Interpreting services are currently conducted online only.

Japanese ⇆ English:    *From £70 per hour

Work includes business conferences, meetings, and other business related-activities, face-to-face or over the phone conversations.

*The rate depends on the type of dialogue to be interpreted. Travel expense may apply depending on the location of the work. For a quote, please contact us.

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